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More about Florida Home Equity Loans

A home equity loan is a one-time loan that locks in the interest rate and payment for the life of the loan

Advantages of a home equity loan:

  • Fixed interest rate
  • Same payment each month
  • Possible tax deductible interest (consult your tax advisor for details)
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • $0 closing cost options
  • Close your loan in ten days or less with our No Hassle loan process
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Consolidate your Florida Debt

Home equity loans are fixed rate loans that leverage the equity in your home. The interest rate is fixed and so is the monthly payment — for the life of the loan. At settlement, you receive the full amount of the loan in a lump sum, and you can use the funds any way you like: to make home improvements, pay for college or medical care, take a vacation, or buy a second home.

Home equity loans are often used to consolidate credit card debt, high interest auto loans, or high interest personal loans. Why? Home equity loan interest rates are nearly always much lower than the rate of interest you'd be paying on credit card debt — for borrowing the same amount of money!

As a bonus, home equity loans are generally considered to be a tax-deductible expense.

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